I'm here to make art and make friends! I can be contacted at foxacanthus@disroot.org

Please ask to use my art. You'll need to credit me.

I have a discord that I run and am trying to grow. Mutuals and anyone else I've invited are welcome to check it out. https://discord.gg/82HePGe

I write down mutuals' blacklists on twitter & mastodon, and do my best to remember them.

I sometimes block for more minor reasons. If you are blocked please respect that.

I regularly unlike all my twitter likes, since twitter doesn't properly archive likes.

I am white and also able-bodied. If I'm retweeting someone who's harmful/something like that, please dm me, I appreciate being more aware. Actually, feel free to dm me about whatever, I'm always up to talk though I'm not always timely about it.